“Over the next two days, we will bring you onto an entrepreneurial roller coaster, where you will learn how to start a business from scratch.”

Henrik Scheel, Founder of Startup Experience

Startup Experience

Ever think about being an entrepreneur? Validate your business idea and get connected with the people and services that bring it to the next level. 

Startup Experience

Unlock your inner entrepreneur. 
Open to anyone exploring a new business idea. 

The Startup Experience is a interactive 2-day workshop to transform your idea into a business. Over two days, you will discover how to define your problem, analyze your users, innovate your business model, develop customers, prototype, web develop, fundraise and professionally pitch to a panel of judges. At the Startup Experience, you can get hands-on experience with the tools you need to create a successful startup company!

We’ll start the first day off with an overview of what entrepreneurship is and then dig into the Startup Experience model, founded by Henrik Scheel out of the Silicon Valley. This model has been taught all over the globe and we’re looking forward to bringing to the Shenandoah Valley. 

Our next Startup Experience, open to the public, will take place in early 2020. Stay tuned for event details. 

Youth Startup Experience

SCCF partnered with the Startup Experience and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to launch a brand new Entrepreneurship Program to the Shenandoah Valley – the Startup Experience. The first 2-day workshop, hosting over 150 students, was held at the BRCC Plecker Center on October 4-5, 2018.  Numerous community partners and program mentors came alongside SCCF to tmake the event possible. With their support, we are able to continue offering the program to the public and the area students. Would you consider becoming a partner? Click here to learn more!

Data shows that about 50% of high school graduates continue on to college, and that only 25% of those that do, actually obtain college degrees. Without any goals or sense of what is required to achieve such goals, many young people end up jobless or in low-wage jobs with little advancement opportunities.

According to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey data, unemployment rates for youth are much higher than rates for other age groups. 14-20% of youth aged 15-19 are currently unemployed. Low-income youth as well as Black and Hispanic youth also tend to have much higher unemployment rates.

There has never been a time in history where there were more demands for young peoples’ time: social media use topping 17 or 18 hours a day is just the beginning of the train of distractions that vies for students’ attention. Schools face a dichotomy between resource shortages and increased pressure to help kids be good at everything, from reading to math to financial literacy to the arts. So, it would be easy to dismiss youth entrepreneurship as one more burden on an overtaxed population. But, we present below five reasons why communities in the CSVR should embrace youth entrepreneurship. Are you thinking lemonade stand? Stop.

  • Entrepreneurship teaches valuable skills
  • Youth entrepreneurship is a safe place to experiment
  • Entrepreneurship is a career path
  • Their business might succeed
  • Entrepreneurship is inspiring

The challenge now is to provide young people with the support and the environment they need to turn their ambitions into reality.

What can be done? According to the survey, what young people most want is hands-on work experience and mentoring from entrepreneurs. As such, today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders have a clear role to play in nurturing the next generation of wealth and job creators.

Henrik Scheel, the founder and CEO of the Startup Experience, facilitated the first 2-day workshop in October and trained many Shenandoah Valley community members on the model to continue moving the entrepreneurial mindset forward. Check out more about the Startup Experience below!