Meet the Entrepreneurs

Meet the first cohort of entrepreneurs in Startup Shenandoah Valley (S2V), our region’s first entrepreneurial accelerator.

American Parkour

American Parkour provides Parkour education and equipment to schools, camps, and individuals. Founder: Mark Toorock


GoLids offers sustainable, patented, and consumer-focused to-go beverage packaging that strikes a balance between safety, efficiency, and consumer value. Founder: Brock Muir

Local Food Network

Local Food Network (LFN) facilitates cooperative logistical support through an online, interactive web service to lower distribution costs and increase market access for locally produced foods. LFN’s founders previously completed the Regional Acceleration and Mentoring Program (RAMP) in Roanoke, VA. Founders: Dustyn Vallies and Evan Grinde

Mouse Loves Pig

Mouse Loves Pig makes screen free toys for kids, letting children get lost in their imagination for hours. The company’s award-winning, open-ended toys increase children’s independent thought and self-directed cognitive development. Founder: Ruth Rau

Newtown Fitness Club

Newtown Fitness Club is a boutique personal gym experience. Using a proprietary e-lock and cloud-based scheduling systems, users get exclusive, time-bound access to a fitness space where they can achieve their exercise goals in a distraction-free, safe, secure environment. Founders: Ben Huson and John Fontaine

Öl Dominion Beer and Exploration Club

Öl Dominion Beer and Exploration Club, is a first of its kind sales and marketing online platform, specifically built to help Virginia craft breweries overcome many of their current challenges and help provide stronger bonds between Virginia’s regional craft beer communities. Founder: Matt Johnson

Panoramic InfoSec

Panoramic InfoSec protects, resolves, and secures cyber data. Focusing on local, international, and government clients; the firm provides tailored network security services including penetration testing, social engineering defense, incident response and training. Founder: Sean Zirkle

Pure Shenandoah

Pure Shenandoah is a hemp and CBD processing company with a large network of partner farms and vendors throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Partner: AK Koyee


QuickFix engineers quiet information technology solutions. Systems set up and maintained by QuickFix are reliable and efficient, enabling businesses to focus on success.  The team is made up of caring, smart people who are constantly seeking new and better ways to support their customers.  Founder: Bryant Harrison