hOUR Economy

hourlogohOUR Economy, an initiative of the Staunton Creative Community Fund, is a new kind of economy, one that celebrates personal friendships, vibrant community, and a healthy environment. Its vision is to create a local economy in which everyone’s contributions are valued, where we embrace collaboration rather than competition, and where our economic engine heals rather than harms the environment.

Instead of exchanging dollars, members exchange “hOURs” by providing and receiving services: from dog walking, to lawn care, to home repairs, to massage therapy, and much more.

Interested in participating? First, visit houreconomy.org to learn more, and then get involved…

  • hOUR Timebank is a local currency of hOURs, where members share their time and talents.
  • Gift circles move resources where they’re needed.
  • Sharing networks help you lend, borrow and share neighborhood tools.
  • Partners and other local resources connect you with  local food, local businesses, and local capital.

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