hOUR Economy on the News

It may seem strange to think about getting paid in time, not dollars, but that is what hOUR Economy helps people to do! This exciting new SCCF program gives everyone the opportunity to earn and spend hour credits based on the work they do for others.

Local reporter Dave Byknish from WHSV found out about the program and the upcoming meeting for volunteers and interested participants. As his news story shows, hOUR Economy fosters connections through the exchange of services and knowledge, helping people fulfill their needs and utilize some of their talents and passions.

The WHSV story highlights John Matheny of Nu-Beginning Farm, who was able to get a new counter built through an hOUR Economy connection. His story is just one example of how many different skills are available in the community, and how they can be utilized and “paid for” without the use of money.

Are you interested in contributing to hOUR Economy? Come out on Tuesday, December 11th at 6:00 p.m. to John’s Nu-Beginning Farm Store located at 240 N. Central Ave., Suite 4, in Staunton for the Helping Hands Volunteer Round-up to learn more, sign up, and get active in hOUR Economy.

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