Around Town with Elle Wood: Fluffy Fannies Makes a Big Move


Fluffy Fannies

Since we last checked with Mandy Boney in February there have been some colossal changes made to Fluffy Fannies, a charmingly adorable baby boutique specializing in modern cloth diapers and accessories. Opened in Staunton during January of 2014, Fluffy Fannies has recently made a big move from its little shop downtown to a much larger store front in Fishersville. “We had outgrown our small shop in Staunton. We needed something bigger,” Mandy explained to me while we sat together in her new store, “Parking was getting difficult and moms who wanted to bring their strollers into the old store had no room.” Her new store front couldn’t be any different. Located at 16 Ivy Ridge Ln in Fishersville, the floor plan is very open, has a spacious parking lot, and every wall of the child safe baby apparel shop is lined with an even larger selection of cloth diapers, baby slings and carriers, chemical free soaps, and lotion than before. This new store front officially opened on May 1st of this year.


Mandy’s main goal is for Fluffy Fannies to feel like safe environment to both parents and their children. In my opinion, she has gone over and beyond her goal. Walking into the store, a parent will know that all of the research has already been done for them. Mandy’s policy: “If I wouldn’t use it on my own babies, I won’t sell it in my store!”. So many of the products available today in big box stores have toxic chemicals in them that are unsafe for anyone, let alone, babies. Although parents act out of love, they are often unaware that the choices they make may be harmful to their child. Fluffy Fannies makes an effort to sell the safest products that are available today. A welcoming, comforting presence, Mandy, mother of two, is always available to provide intelligent advice and guidance to shoppers and those who are curious about available products. She is very dedicated to her customers and always willing to do what she can to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

Fluffy Fannies is an amazing resource for parents interested in cloth diapering and other natural parenting products. It’s a must-visit for new parents in the area. For more information, visit their store at 12 Ivy Ridge Ln, Fishersville or go to their website They also have a Facebook page, Fluffy Fannies, LLC.

Post and Photos by Elle Wood

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