Business Planning: Clarity and Confidence 3

photo: JMacPherson Artist: Emily Burt

photo: JMacPherson
Artist: Emily Burt

I don’t DO business plans.

We love talking to new entrepreneurs here at SCCF. They come in bursting with creative ideas and energy — and their enthusiasm is contagious!

Then we ask, “So, have you ever though about writing a business plan?”

…and the energy drains out of the room.

Business Plan? Ugh. That sounds boring and stressful. What — you want me to try forcing my creativity into some little box? Sorry. Not for me.


If you’ve ever thought anything like that, it’s time for us to set the record straight.

A well crafted business plan can (and should!) be as creative as your business idea. Taking the time to put your ideas down on paper and craft them into a business plan will help you get to know every detail of your business from the inside out; writing it will lead you to clarity and confidence. Not only that — your business plan will translate your business idea into something that will speak to your future funders and fans!

Starting your own business is all about finding that spot where your skills and passions intersect with the needs in your community. It is not about becoming some cookie-cutter business owner — it’s about showing up as your unique self with your unique ideas. Believe it or not, a solid (and creative!) business plan is one of the strongest tools you can give yourself at the beginning of that journey.


Consider joining us: Our upcoming Business Planning class starts at 6PM on February 18th. The class will be held every Tuesday night for 8 weeks and covers all the basics of starting and running a business. By the end, you will have a complete business plan written, and the confidence of knowing how to express your unique business ideas aloud and on paper. Best of all, you will have a real community of fellow entrepreneurs to draw on for support and inspiration. To find out more information or register for the class, call our office (540-213-0333) or email Tracy:

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3 thoughts on “Business Planning: Clarity and Confidence

  • Katherin Burnett

    Hi. I am very interested in attending the business planning classes, however due to my crazy work schedule I am only available to attend every other Tuesday. Is this something that is possible, or would I miss out on too much information the weeks I wouldn’t be able to attend?

    • Eleanor Graham Post author

      Hello! Thanks for asking! We do pack a lot of information into each week — and there are presenters on different topics each week, so missing half of the sessions would really cut down on the impact of the class for you. The best option for you would be to contact our Director of Business Development, Tracey:
      She can talk through your options with you. If nothing else, we run this training 2-3 times a year, so you could get on the list for the next session (Summer)! Best wishes!

  • sharon

    I am interested in starting my own business, and I need help getting it off the ground. When is your next Business Planning class?
    Sharon Pettyjohn