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Who They Are:

Redbeard Brewing Company, LLC is downtown Staunton’s first brewery since pre-prohibition. The brewery and a 40+ seat Taproom are located at 120 S. Lewis St near the Wharf District. Six or more American, English, and Belgian Ales are available mere feet from where they were brewed, fermented, and packaged. The majority of Redbeard Brewing Company’s beers are as close to “Real Ale” as you will find in Virginia, as all are warm fermented, unfiltered, and naturally carbonated in the kegs they are served from.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy:

Owner Jonathan Wright says, “We intend on founding a multi-generational manufacturing and service industry in Staunton.”  Wife Fara, daughter Scarlett, and son Owen will become integral parts of the company and the local community as the business grows.  Jonathan intends the Brewery and Taproom to be a tourism draw for the City, creating revenues for other local businesses, as well as meals and hotel taxes for the City of Staunton. In the process, Jonathan adds, “We intend to brew Small Batches of Big Beers for our neighbors and visitors to enjoy.”

How did you get here?

Jonathan returned to Staunton in 2010 after spending 10 years in Richmond. In his first period as a Stauntonian, he was an employee at numerous local restaurants, and worked closely with ShenanArts as a teenager and young adult. He received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from VCU but, after producing and directing two successful plays, realized he did not want to live the life of a theatre professional. He currently owns and operates a residential real estate appraisal company, and has been self-employed as such for over eight years.  His interest in craft beer began at the Baja Bean Company Restaurant here in Staunton; as one of the restaurant’s first employees he was introduced to craft beers by one of the restaurant’s managers. He began home brewing in recent years, and after the first batches, immediately decided he should get back into the “family business.” According to Jonathan, the Wright family has been in Virginia for almost 350 years, and as far back as can be remembered, someone in the family has made alcohol. “We are proud to continue the tradition, and hope to create some new ones,” he says.

Meet Them:

Redbeard Brewing Company
120 S. Lewis St., Staunton, VA 24401
Phone: 804-641-9340

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