Black Bear Composting

Who They Are:
Black Bear Composting, located in Crimora, is an organic waste recycling company that helps businesses and organizations reduce their waste stream by collecting, composting, and repurposing food and yard waste. Eric Walter, founder and owner, is working to collect organic, compostable materials, which comprise a quarter or more of municipal solid waste, and turn it into nutrient-rich compost for uses in agriculture, landscaping, and gardening. Black Bear Composting is part of a growing national trend in composting as a means to divert “recyclable” materials from landfills, while also dovetailing with increased corporate initiatives on sustainability.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy:
Black Bear Composting is committed to providing a sustainable alternative to landfilling organic waste, Eric says. In addition to collecting waste and reselling it as compost, instead of letting it enter landfills, Black Bear Composting seeks to educate customers and businesses about the benefits of turning organic wastes into valuable compost. Eric’s goals are to preserve landfill space, reduce greenhouse gases, return nutrients back to the soil, and create products that improve soil health while reducing the need for fertilizers and the risks of soil erosion. In doing so, Black Bear Composting supports “the burgeoning will to recycle and operate businesses in a sustainable manner.

How did you get here?
With a background in liberal arts and technology, which took him through a financial services firm and the founding of an eCommerce company (Gorilla), Eric Walter has come to composting…organically. He was inspired by working with Patagonia and its efforts to balance environmental sustainability with corporate profitability. Eric explains that Black Bear Composting is the result of this inspiration and his resulting search for opportunities that promote sustainable business practices. Now, Eric is combining his past entrepreneurial experiences and his technological skills with his passion for sustainability, reducing waste and enriching the land.

Meet them:
Facebook: Black Bear Composting

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