This November 17th is our LAST Ignite Staunton!

Imagine that you’re in front of an audience made up of your friends, family, and people from your community, about to present a 5-minute talk on the thing you’re most passionate about. You’ve brought 20 slides, which advance every 15 seconds whether you’re ready or not. You have a few last-minute butterflies, but off you go–and the crowd loves it. Welcome to Ignite.

Ignite is a fast-paced geek event started by Brady Forrest, Technology Evangelist for O’Reilly Media, and Bre Pettis of, formerly of MAKE Magazine. Speakers are given 20 slides, each shown for 15 seconds, giving each speaker 5 minutes of fame. The first Ignite took place in Seattle in 2006, and since then the event has become an international phenomenon, with gatherings in Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; New York, New York; and many other locations.

Ignite Staunton is Virginia’s first Ignite event and, of course, has taken on a uniquely Staunton flavor!  This is Staunton’s “open-mic night for the creative idea,” and we will be hearing from presenters speaking about a variety of community-centered passions, ideas, and inspirations.

These events will be held at Darjeeling Cafe on the third Thursdays of September, October, and November…which makes this November 17th Ignite Staunton event the third and last of three!  The events open at 6pm for a social hour with presentations beginning around 7pm.  These fun and fast-paced Ignite Staunton events are interactive and audience members will have the opportunity to provide feedback for the Ignite presenters and to vote for the People’s Choice Award of the night.  Staunton Creative Community Fund and Mary Baldwin College will be giving away over $5,000 to help winning concepts become a reality in our community!

Come by Darjeeling Cafe for food, drink, and inspiration!

If you have any questions, are interested in presenting at this November’s Ignite Staunton, or in having your concept compete for the $5,000 award, contact the Staunton Creative Community Fund at 540-213-0333 or

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